Meet Molly

Miss Molly Tutoring in Vancouver, WASo nice to meet you!

I’m really excited about the prospect of helping your child excel in his/her studies. Take a moment to read about my teaching method and qualifications, or drop me a line here.

How I teach

I approach teaching through a hands-on, interactive method. Adapting to the child’s learning style, I make the process fun through games and other activities. It’s a well-known fact that when a child is fully involved in and enjoying a one-on-one lesson, his/her capacity to learn and retain is greatly increased.

Reading TutorReading & Spelling
When my autistic daughter and struggling son failed to grasp reading through conventional methods, I knew there had to be a better way.  I discovered the absolutely best way for children to learn to read and write. To truly grasp the English language, your child needs thorough phonetic training.

Benefits of my teaching method:
  • I follow a scientific method recommended by experts such as Dr. Samuel T. Orton, a neurologist who specialized in the link between the brain and language.
  • My students consistently work on breaking words apart and blending them back together, instead of just memorizing pictures
  • Provides the rationale for spelling rules and reveals the 98 spelling keys that unlock the English language
  • Utilizes spiral learning, as key ideas are constantly reintroduced for long-term mastery
  • Lays an enduring language arts foundation that transfers to adult-level spelling and reading

Regardless of your child’s learning style or learning issues, these tools are the magic ticket that will help them spell and read any word in the English language.

A professional psychologist was astounded by my autistic daughter’s learning level. He said she would have never achieved that growth in a conventional learning environment.

Math TutorMath
Who says math has to be boring? Using manipulatives, games and fun resources, your child will enjoy learning 2×2 like never before. Every week, we review past concepts and learn new ones. My philosophy is that your child should be able to teach back the concept to me before moving on.


Money-Back Guarantee
I am so confident your child will excel with my services that I offer a money-back guarantee. If your child (who is willing to learn) does not advance one grade level in 36 lessons, you receive 50% of your fee back.*

My qualifications

I’ve been tutoring for over 20 years, including my own five children. They have gone on to succeed in higher education and employment, marked by high test scores, debating nationally, the Presidential Honor Roll, and successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Additionally, I have 18 years of experience teaching special education to an intellectually-challenged child. I have extensive training in a phonetic approach to reading and spelling, as well as a broad knowledge of history, science and mathematics. I earned a BA degree from Oregon State University.



Miss Molly Tutoring Family

Me with my lovely children and grandkids






* Does not include special needs children.

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  • Rave Reviews

    “Molly- thank you so much for helping my son in reading. We were very concerned given that he was reading at 2nd grade level. Now he is all caught up! It was worth every penny to see the confidence he has now. You made it fun and easy for him to learn and understand. I will continue to recommend you to people who are in need of help.”